Fall 2018
From the Editor

It’s About Time.

By Julie Lancaster

Those who’ve been attending Balkan camp for a while can see evidence of time passing—this kid’s grown up while we weren’t looking, that one has children of her own now, this one’s head is greyer, that one’s eyes twinkle from nests of more wrinkles. . . . But from another perspective, the Workshops are surprisingly timeless. Continue Reading

Scholarship Recipient

Mendocino 2017: Julian Geary

Julian Geary

Location: Portland, Ore.

Occupation: High school freshman

Connection to Balkan music/dance: Music has always been a big part of my life, and my dad fell in love with Balkan music just around the time I was born. Through him I have slowly been liking it more and more.

Number of times at Balkan camp: For years I have been asking my dad to let me go to camp and finally this year I was allowed.

Studied at camp: I decided to continue my learning of violin, and picked up the tupan, which was a great decision.

Memorable moment at camp: It was a dream come true, and I was not disappointed. Throughout these first few boring weeks of school I constantly find myself daydreaming back to when the next-gen played in front of a packed audience in the kafana with the whole crowd jumping up and down in a hip-hop fashion that me and my friends started. Camp was the highlight of my summer and I hope I can come back next year.

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