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Fanfare Zambaleta

By Kef Times Staff, Spring 2014


Fanfare Zambaleta was incubated in the Zambaleta Music and Dance School in San Francisco and has since transformed into a full-fledged juggernaut of a band, featuring some of the Bay Area’s most exciting young players and seasoned veterans. Emulating the great Balkan brass bands of the past and present, they play Romani, Serbian, Macedonian and Greek brass band music with passion and dedication. FZ’s potent musical concoction of wild improvisation, meticulous ensemble coordination, earth-shaking low brass, thunderous drumming and jubilant vocals will move your feet and lift your soul.

Members are: Gregory Jenkins – alto sax, vocals; Noah Levitt – trumpet; Harlow Carpenter – trumpet, truba; Theo Padouvas – trumpet; Corinne Sykes – lead vocals, percussion; Rachel MacFarlane – tenor horn; Larry Leight – euphonium; Peter Bonos – euphonium; Evan Stuart – sousaphone; Ivan Velev – percussion, vocals; and Jake Shandling – percussion.

You can download the 4-track digital album ($4 USD) or order the CD ($5 USD) at

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