Spring 2014
From the Editor

Welcome to the New Online Kef Times!

This new format for the EEFC’s newsletter is the culmination of bright ideas and diligent work from many collaborators over the last few months. We hope you will enjoy it and be inspired to contribute articles and photos for future issues. Continue Reading

Spring 2014

Marlis Kraft-Zemel

By Julie Lancaster

In 1983, Swiss-born musician Marlis Kraft-Zemel and her two sisters were touring in the U.S. with an international folk music group and wondering if they would get beyond the waiting list for the first-ever East Coast Balkan Music and Dance Workshop. Continue Reading

Spring 2014
From the Executive Director

Fundraising and Telling Our Story

By Jay House Samios

At our most recent board meeting, the Board and I began a process of examining the Board’s relationship to fundraising. I am excited to see their interest in a sometimes daunting issue, and their commitment to stewardship of the organization we love so much. Continue Reading

Spring 2014
From the Board

Understanding the EEFC Board’s Evolving Role

By Corinna Škėma Snyder

Our spring meeting was held in Brooklyn, N.Y., in late March, at Emily Cohen and Eric Frumin’s home. One of the important issues that came up was understanding our evolving responsibilities as a board.  We started our conversation by sharing our expect … Continue Reading

Spring 2014
From the Program Committee

Highlights of the Upcoming 2014 Workshops

By Demetri Tashie

Our 2014 Workshop season has delicious treats in store. We hope you’ll join us and our talented teachers for fun, learning, parties, and some unforgettable memories. Continue Reading

Spring 2014

New & Notable

By Kef Times Staff

New recordings and books by EEFC associates, including workshop campers, staff and teachers, and other EEFC supporters. Continue Reading

Spring 2014

In Memoriam

By Kef Times Staff

In this issue we honor three EEFC Workshop staff members who have died since our last issue: Haig Manoukian, Marcus (Holt) Branicheff Moskoff, and Georgi “Bai Georgi” Petrov. Continue Reading

Spring 2014

2013 Scholarship Recipients

By Kef Times Staff

Recipients of the 2013 Dick Crum/Kef Scholarships, Balkan Night Northwest Scholarship, and Steffi Agin Scholarship chime in about what made their Workshop experiences extraordinary. Mendocino:  Janet Finney-Krull, Morgan Nilsen, Lizzy Pedersen and Danielle Smith; Iroquois Springs: Dylan Crossen and Michelle Tsigaridas Weller. Continue Reading

Spring 2014
Workshop Photos

2013 Workshop Photos

See photos folks have sent us from the 2013 Mendocino and Iroquois Springs Workshops. Continue Reading

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