Fall 2014

Mark Forry

By Julie Lancaster

Likely to be spotted with mouth open wide, leading a tamburica ensemble and often knowing more lyrics than anyone else in the room, Mark Forry has been involved in Balkan camps since the 1975 Sweet’s Mill camp (a precursor to the EEFC camps). Continue Reading

Fall 2014

Theofania in Northern Greece: Men’s Dance Rituals of Blessing and Protection

By Laura Shannon

At the southern edge of the Rhodope Mountains, skirts of rock sweep down to the Drama plain. In six tiny villages where mountain and valley meet, an ancient Twelfth Night tradition endures . . . . masked men in goatskins and sheep bells dance through the streets to dispel evil spirits, awaken the fertility of the earth and ensure a good year. Continue Reading

Fall 2014
In the Hood

Balkan Night Northwest

By Ruth Hunter and John Morovich

You know when it’s January? And you haven’t seen the sun since September? And the long, grey spring stretches out ahead of you with that little twinkle called Balkan camp at the end of the tunnel? Continue Reading

Fall 2014
From the Executive Director

EEFC Fundraising and Outreach

By Jay House Samios

Welcome to the second issue of the all-new, online Kef Times. I’m delighted to release to you the second issue in what we are planning as a thrice-yearly publication. I encourage you to share the articles you find most interesting, and let Julie and the rest of the team know what you think of their work. Continue Reading

Fall 2014

New and Notable

By Kef Times Staff

New recordings and books by folks in the EEFC community. Names in bold type indicate EEFC Workshop campers, staff, teachers, and other EEFC supporters. Continue Reading

Fall 2014

Eastern European Threads

By Wendi Kiss

Information and tips about Eastern European textiles and costumes. In this issue, Caring for Your Folk Costume. Continue Reading

Fall 2014

Balkan Songs

By Bill Cope

Welcome to Kef Times’ first installment of Balkan Songs! For this issue, we delve into the Balkan Tunes archive and emerge with “Dhimitrúla,” a song made famous by the Smyrneika singer Roza Eskenazi. Continue Reading

Fall 2014

Gems from the Listserv

By Kef Times Staff

In this section we bring you some recent posts from the EEFC’s listserv—one entertaining and two practical. Continue Reading

Fall 2014

2014 Workshop Photos

By Kef Times Staff

See photos folks have sent us from the 2014 Mendocino and Iroquois Springs Workshops. Continue Reading

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