Spring 2014
From the Editor

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New and Notable

Ziyiá: Regional Music of Greece

By Kef Times Staff, Spring 2014

n&n_ziyia_cdNow one of the premier Greek bands in the U.S., the East Coast and West Coast members of Ziyiá met at the Mendocino Balkan camp in 1990 and have been actively playing together ever since. They are excited to finally have another recording—it’s been a while.

George Chittenden – clarinet, gaida, guitar, zourna

Christos Govetas – clarinet, laouto, vocals

Beth Bahia Cohen – violin

Lise Liepman – accordion, santouri

Rumen Sali Shopov – daouli, doumbeleki

$15 or $9.99 digital at (currently in production; will be available soon)

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