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By Julie Lancaster

We know you’re inundated with information—especially this year, as the national and international news brings ever more amazing, or appalling, things to read about. But we know our community’s interest in the music and dance we study runs deep. Continue Reading

Scholarship Recipients

Iroquois Springs 2016: Nicholas Athanasatos

By Nicholas Athanasatos, Spring 2017
Nicholas Athanasatos

Nicholas Athanasatos

Location: Tarpon Springs, Fla.

Occupation: I currently attend school in Tampa, studying microbiology at the University of South Florida.

Connection to Balkan music/dance: I am part of the Saint Nicholas dance ministry, Levendia, dancing, performing and instructing Greek folk dance in and outside of the group. Outside of the group, I have taught dance to other dance groups as well as in conjunction with the city of Tarpon Springs.

Number of times at Balkan camp: This past summer was my first time attending Balkan camp, and it was a beyond expectations, fantastic experience.

Studied at camp: At camp, I wanted to make the most of the experience, not focusing on one thing, but attending both dance and music workshops of various cultures. If there was one thing I focused on it was the violin, which is my biggest passion.

Memorable moment at camp: The whole experience of Balkan camp is one that I will never forget. The most lasting impression is just the feeling of joy throughout the period of camp due to the constant music and dance. Also, the people and instructors I met blew my mind, probably the most enthusiastic and passionate people I have ever met, definitely my kind of people, just exuding with kefi. I cannot pinpoint one experience to call my favorite, but the scene with all the ensembles playing was a highlight of the week, especially for someone who has not had much experience playing with other musicians. The camp was an experience that I must repeat again very soon.

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