Spring 2017
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Finding time to read the good stuff.

By Julie Lancaster

We know you’re inundated with information—especially this year, as the national and international news brings ever more amazing, or appalling, things to read about. But we know our community’s interest in the music and dance we study runs deep. Continue Reading

Scholarship Recipients

2016 Scholarship Recipients

By Kef Times Staff, Spring 2017

In 2016 our community sent 16 individuals on scholarship to the summer Balkan Music & Dance Workshops. Scholarship types included the EEFC’s Dick Crum/Kef Scholarship and the Čoček Nation, Stefni Agin, and Lillie Cooper scholarships. Click to read reports from Mendocino scholarship recipients Blythe Brooks, Kasia Kugay, Nicole Hoffschneider, Paula Peng and Ricky Oden; and Iroquois Spring recipients Nicholas Athanasatos, Bennett Clifford, Vedran Boskovski, Zora Boyadzhieva, Bethanni Grecynski, Kamen Kresnitchki, Morana Mesic, Rebecca Perlman, William Roboski and Valerie Sylvester.

To learn about applying for a scholarship for a future Workshop, visit the Scholarships page on the EEFC website.

Mendocino 2016: Blythe Brooks

By Blythe Brooks, Spring 2017

Mendocino 2016: Kasia Kugay

By Kasia Kugay, Spring 2017

Mendocino 2016: Nicole Hoffschneider

By Nicole Hoffschneider, Spring 2017

Mendocino 2016: Paula Peng

By Paula Peng, Spring 2017

Mendocino 2016: Ricky Oden

By Ricky Oden, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Nicholas Athanasatos

By Nicholas Athanasatos, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Bennett Clifford

By Bennett Clifford, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Vedran Boškovski

By Vedran Boškovski, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Bethanni Grecynski

By Bethanni Grecynski, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Morana Mesić

By Morana Mesić, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Rebecca Perlman

By Rebecca Perlman, Spring 2017

Iroquois Springs 2016: Valerie Sylvester

By Valerie Sylvester, Spring 2017

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