Spring 2017
From the Editor

Finding time to read the good stuff.

By Julie Lancaster

We know you’re inundated with information—especially this year, as the national and international news brings ever more amazing, or appalling, things to read about. But we know our community’s interest in the music and dance we study runs deep. Continue Reading

New and Notable

True Life Trio: Like Never & Like Always

By Kef Times Staff, Spring 2017


True Life Trio and multi-instrumentalist Gari Hegedus have woven a tapestry of Eastern European folk songs, original compositions, and poetry that reflects the memories of human experience over the span of a lifetime. Co-produced by Eric Oberthaler, this ambitious and exciting album is a musical immersion that travels through Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

True Life Trio is Leslie Bonnett – voice, fiddle, percussion; Briget Boyle – voice, guitar, percussion; and Juliana Graffagna – voice, accordion, percussion.

$15 or $9.99 digital at CD Baby

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