Spring 2019
From the Editor

Enjoying the prospect

By Julie Lancaster

This summer’s camps are fast approaching and I’m so pleased that my sweetie Jim and I will be attending one of them (Mendocino), after a few years away. The prospect is thrilling . . . Continue Reading

Scholarship Recipients

2018 Scholarship Recipients

By Kef Times Staff, Spring 2019

In 2018 our community was honored to award scholarships to 25 individuals for the summer Balkan Music & Dance Workshops. Scholarship types included the EEFC’s Dick Crum/Kef Scholarship and the Vassil Bebelekov, Stefni Agin and Lillie Cooper scholarships. Scroll down to read their reports.

Mendocino: Sevi Bayraktar, Nathan Bernacki, William (Billy) Giaquinto, Kat Kinnick, Jonathan Kipp, Shireen Nabatian, George Parisis, Katheryn Petersen, Char Rothschild, Willo Sertain, Derek Shaw and Kira Weiss. (Nicholas Caputo was awarded a scholarship but was not available for a report.)

Iroquois Springs:  Nicholas Athanasatos, John David Eriksen, Ani Garaventa, Nada Khodlova, Ariane Morin, Terra Nonack, Hinako Sato, Matthew Schreiber, Tin Skorić and Emrah Yilgen. Timea Kasa was awarded a scholarship but was not able to attend camp; Karla Garza was awarded a scholarship but was not available for a report.

To learn about applying for a scholarship for a future Workshop, visit the scholarships page on the EEFC website.

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