2014 Scholarship Recipients

By Kef Times Staff, Winter 2014-15

Recipients of the 2014 Dick Crum/Kef Scholarships, Balkan Night Northwest Scholarship, Leah and Nez Erez Scholarship, and Stefni Agin Scholarship write about moments that made their Workshop experiences unforgettable. Mendocino: Evan Goodson, Maggie McKaig, Theodora Teodosiadis and Elise Youssoufian; Iroquois Springs: Alyn Kristin Kay and Boyanna Trayanova.

To learn about applying for a scholarship for a future Workshop, visit the Scholarships page on the EEFC website.

Mendocino 2014: Evan Goodson

By Evan Goodson, Winter 2014-15

Mendocino 2014: Maggie McKaig

By Maggie McKaig, Winter 2014-15

Iroquois Springs 2014: Boyanna Trayanova

By Boyanna Trayanova, Winter 2014-15

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