Winter 2015-16
From the Editor

Dreaming of Summer and Balkan Camp?

By Julie Lancaster

From the depths of winter this issue brings you a reminder of summer, music, dancing and Balkan camp. Continue Reading

2015 Scholarship Recipients

By Kef Times Staff, Winter 2015-16

The community pulled together this year to make 18—count ‘em, 18!—scholarships available for the summer 2015 Workshops. Scholarship types included the Dick Crum/Kef Scholarship, Balkan Night Northwest Scholarship, Čoček Nation Scholarship, Stefni Agin Scholarship and Lillie Cooper Scholarship.

Read on for reports from scholarship recipients Mik Bewsky, Barbara Byers, Stephen Chelius, Cherrymae Golston, Zenyi Hunsberger, Emily Laliotis, Jonathan Mei, Andreas Musselman and Shireen Nabatian (Mendocino); and Kassia Arbabi, Joanie Atkinson, Eve Bernhard, Mariya Ivanova, Jeremy McClain, Savannah Powell, Meghan Quinn, Jennifer Shearer and Bonnie Silver (Iroquois Springs).

To learn about applying for a scholarship for a future Workshop, visit the Scholarships page on the EEFC website.

Mendocino 2015: Mik Bewsky

By Mik Bewsky, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Barbara Byers

By Barbara Byers, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Stephen Chelius

By Stephen Chelius, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Cherrymae Golston

By Cherrymae Golston, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Zenyi Hunsberger

By Zenyi Hunsberger, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Jonathan Mei

By Jonathan Mei, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Andreas Musselman

By Andreas Musselman, Winter 2015-16

Mendocino 2015: Shireen Nabatian

By Shireen Nabatian, Winter 2015-16

Iroquois Springs 2015: Kassia Arbabi

By Kassia Arbabi, Winter 2015-16

Iroquois Springs 2015: Joanie Atkinson

By Joanie Atkinson, Winter 2015-16

Iroquois Springs 2015: Jeremy McClain

By Jeremy McClain, Winter 2015-16

Iroquois Springs 2015: Meghan Quinn

By Meghan Quinn, Winter 2015-16

Iroquois Springs 2015: Jennifer Shearer

By Jennifer Shearer, Winter 2015-16

Iroquois Springs 2015: Bonnie Silver

By Bonnie Silver, Winter 2015-16

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